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Amazon Defense Coalition: 60 Minutes To Air Segment On Chevron’s
MarketWatch (press release) – USA
Driving the 60 Minutes segment is the epic court battle in Ecuador between Chevron and the indigenous groups and farmer communities whose way of life has

Occidental Petroleum’s Toxic Legacy in the Peruvian Amazon To
PR Newswire (press release) – New York,NY,USA
to rectify the company’s legacy of harm in the Peruvian Amazon before more indigenous Achuar people fall victim to widespread oil contamination.

Talisman stock soars on strong quarter
Calgary Herald – AB, Canada
the Amazon rainforest without consent of the affected local indigenous peoples where Talisman holds about 32000 square kilometres of exploration rights.

Playing the Gringo Wild Card
In These Times – Chicago,IL,USA
Visiting resettlement “humanitarian zones” in Colombia—weaponless spaces now reclaimed by indigenous people who were previously chased away by violent

Talisman Energy Should Withdraw From Achuar Territory in the
PR Newswire (press release) – New York,NY,USA
to respect indigenous peoples’ rights to approve or deny any oil project on their territories. At the request of the Achuar authorities, Amazon Watch is

Global lesson: Visitor teaches River Oaks family about preserving
Dearborn Press and Guide – Dearborn,MI,USA
In a thick accent, he said he was not a teacher or an environmentalist, but an indigenous person who talks about the Amazon. “That’s my passion and my

San Francisco Bay Guardian

SFIFF 52 review: “Crude”
San Francisco Bay Guardian – San Francisco,CA,USA
By Natalie Gregory If you were unaware of the lawsuit between the indigenous Ecuadorian people and Chevron/Texaco, watching Joe Berlinger’s Crude will get

Contact with Amazon tribes inevitable, says Brazilian protection – UK
Photograph: Reuters The last isolated indigenous tribes, located deep in the Amazon rainforest, may need to be contacted for the first time to protect them
Climate Change: Indigenous Peoples Outraged
eGov monitor – London,UK
At a World Bank presentation at the global summit, Egberto Tabo, General Secretary of COICA, the Coordinating Body of Indigenous Organizations in the Amazon

South America trip an amazing adventure
Monroe News Star – Monroe,LA,USA
Our guide told us this small tribe, which is indigenous to South America, dates back 1000 years. Their strange living arrangements stems from the dread of

POLITICS-BOLIVIA: Unraveling the Conspiracy
Australia.TO – Sydney,NSW,Australia
of indigenous supporters of Morales were violently blocked by provincial authorities from entering the town of El Porvenir in the northern Amazon jungle

Peruvian Indigenous Peoples Mobilize Across the Amazon
Upside Down World – Hartwick,NY,USA
Coordinated by the National Organization of the Amazon Indigenous people of Peru (AIDESEP), as many as 1350 Indigenous communities are involved in what is

Amazon Indians rebel against dams
People & the Planet – London,UK
No prior consultation took place with indigenous peoples who depend on the fish and other resources of the Juruena basin for their survival.

BBC News

In search of forestry’s El Dorado
BBC News – UK
His El Dorado exists today as the vast Xingu Reserve, a land of forests quietly maintaining our resilience because the indigenous communities have

Vialuxe News

Audemars Piguet Funds Boat For Amazon Conservation
Vialuxe News – Sunnyvale,CA,USA
It will also facilitate communication between the widely dispersed indigenous peoples of the region who depend upon medicinal plants to support their way of

On The Ground In The Amazon, As A Local Tribe Goes To Battle
New Republic – Washington,DC,USA
“We will not allow any more concessions in the indigenous Amazon Territories ,” Alberto Pisango, president of National Organization of the Amazon Indigenous

Eco adventure in the Bolivian Amazon – New Zealand
But in Bolivia, chaos is never far away, as my wife and I found when a drunken riverboatman failed to pick us up after a morning trip with our indigenous


Perenco to invest $2 bln in Peru oil deal
through a blockade on a tributary of the Amazon river in Peru put in place to protest the alleged encroachment of oil companies on indigenous land.

Is Survivor’s Coach Ben Wade For Real? – Seattle,WA,USA
Coach asks Erinn to put a black raven’s feather in his hair to honor his indigenous people’s heritage. “Very proud of that part of the family,” he confides
Navigating the non-dairy ‘milk’ aisle 0
Grist Magazine – Seattle,WA,USA
biofuels) that vast chunks of the Amazon rainforest are being cut down to grow soy, thus wrecking habitats and indigenous people’s lives and so forth.

REFILE-Peru mulls new reserves to protect Amazon tribes
Reuters – USA
Advocacy groups have been pressuring Peru to balance indigenous and environmental rights demands with those of foreign investors as the country tries to
Attorney General of Ecuador Performs Work Agenda in Washington, DC
PR Newswire (press release) – New York,NY,USA
to link it to the trial initiated by the indigenous communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon against the company ChevronTexaco in the court of Lago Agrio .

Indigenous people serve as guardians of forest carbon, must be – USA
Egberto Tabo, General Coordinator of the Coordinating Body of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin (COICA), said that indigenous knowledge will

On a jungle trek
Daytona Beach News-Journal – Daytona Beach,FL,USA
while off in the distance, the indigenous people beat on their drums. There is no mistaking that you are in the Amazon rain forest.
Bonnie’s South America Travel Blog
About – News & Issues – New York,NY,USA
Peru’s Amazon basin covers almost half of Peru. Iquitos is a logical place to start your explorations of the northern reaches of the Amazon basin.
Police move to evict outsiders from Amazon
Globe and Mail – Canada
Brasilia — Brazilian police yesterday entered a vast tract of the Amazon rain forest set aside as an indigenous reserve to evict non-indigenous farmers
Weekly Report/ Science: Blood samples provide a glimpse into human
Asahi Shimbun – Tokyo,Japan
The blood donors were from several locations in Japan, but the majority came from South America, where indigenous populations, according to some scientists,
Indigenous Tribes Of The Rainforest | Get Greens
By Keith
Card 1 The Yanomami are an indigenous tribe (also called Yanamamo, Yanomam, and Sanuma) made up of four subdivisions of Indians which live in the tropical.
Get Greens –
NTM Mission News: Strong man now a strong believer
On a recent night fishing trip, Agosto told two Yanomami pastors about his former fear of the spirits and of witchdoctors. He told them that the witchdoctors always told him that they could go into the woods and kill people.
NTM Daily Prayer Requests –
Vengeance is Hers: Rhonda Shearer on Jared Diamond’s ‘Factual
By Rex
If the Yanomami controversy was about anthropologists suddenly being held responsible in the metropole for what they did in the field, the Jared Diamond case is about an author suddenly being held responsible in the field for what they
Peru: indigenous occupy Amazon airfield
World War 4 Report – Brooklyn,NY,USA
On the morning of April 16 at least 200 indigenous Yashínanka and Yines occupied the airport in Atalaya, capital of Atalaya province, Ucayali region,
Chávez’s Gift: Open Veins of Latin America
From the obliteration of indigenous people by Spanish conquistadors to the destructive cycles of foreign debt, investment and capitalism, Galeano lays out
Audio Bibles Released for Large, Small Groups
PitchEngine (press release) – Riverton,WY,USA
in the northern Amazon jungle basin. The Waiwai Audio Drama New Testament is Faith Comes By Hearing’s first indigenous Audio Bible recording in Brazil.

The Rhythm Devil – Norwalk,CT,USA
in preserving indigenous world music. He started the Endangered Music Fund to save ancient rhythms, pressed into action by the Amazon’s destruction.

ENVIRONMENT: Indigenous Peoples Demand Greater Role in Climate Debate
IPS – Italy
and Amazon – are where most of the indigenous people live, says Sam Johnston of the Tokyo-based United Nations University, a co-sponsor of the Summit.

Climate Debate Focuses on Deforestation
WorldChanging – USA
After the coalition purchased the park’s logging rights in 1997, environmentalists worked alongside indigenous groups to establish alternative income

Country profile: Ecuador – UK
Potted history of the country: The Inca conquered indigenous tribes around 1460s, only to be vanquished themselves in 1533 by Francisco Pizarro’s Spanish

Brazil Set to Flood Rainforest, Displace Thousands
EcoWorldly – San Francisco,USA
Indigenous natives from many tribes attacked an engineer during a protest in Altamira last May, leaving him shirtless and with a bloody gash in his shoulder
Survivor – The Biggest Fraud In The Game
TV Cocktail Blog – New York,NY,USA
as he tells ridiculous campfire stories about the time when he went kayaking in the Amazon, only to be captured by an indigenous tribe that beat him
Environment News Service

2009 Goldman Environmental Prize Winners Beat ‘Insurmountable’ Odds
Environment News Service – USA
ruling for indigenous and tribal peoples throughout the Americas to control resource exploitation in their territories. Located in the Amazon Basin,

What Chavez Should Have Given Obama
Washington Post Blogs – Washington,DC,USA
(The book, by Uruguayan diplomat Eduardo Galeano, promptly shot up to #2 on’s sales ranking.) But is “Open Veins” — a strident criticism of

Zoology to the Max: GUEST BLOGGER DAVID MARSHALL: L Numbered catfish
By CFZ: Cryptozoology Online
From the scant information that could be obtained, mainly through friendly retailers, U.K. aquarists were led to believe that all of these fish had originated from the Rio Xingu area of Brazil and were vegetarian by nature.
Historic disclosure: Brazil’s secret Government UFO files revealed
Half hour later, the twin-engine airplane Xingu of the Brazilian Company of Aeronautics (Embraer), piloted for Alcir commander Pear tree Da Silva, was come close to the track of the airport of Is Jose to settle and perceived the
Imagem xingu 3 075 on Flickr – Photo Sharing!
Imagem xingu 3 075. Click this icon to see all public photos and videos tagged with xingu xingu. Show machine tags (0) Hide machine tags (0). Additional Information. All rights reserved Anyone can see this photo
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Encontro Xingu Day 2 – Windows Live
Prof Oswaldo Sev, who talks in technology at Campinas University and holds a long and elaborate savvy about the history of the several old endeavours to dam the Xingu explicated the extent of swamp local people could anticipate.

Will Amazon tributary dams wreak global havoc?
Richmond Times Dispatch – Richmond,VA,USA
It was a friendly warning not to mess with the indigenous people. Belo Monte now is a kinder and gentler dam, Muniz said. “It’s the best site in the world
Albert Lea Tribune

Adventure in the Amazon rainforest is a dream come true
Albert Lea Tribune – Albert Lea,MN,USA
They are an indigenous, foraging people, and we had the opportunity to visit one of their villages. They painted our faces with the dye of achiote,

Peru: Recovering Memories of the Amazon
Global Voices Online – Cambridge,MA,USA
convirtió en The Peruvian Amazon Co. Ltda, registrada en Londres. Decades later there was the story of the execution of 30000 witotos (indigenous tribes)

Jeff Probst blogs ‘Survivor: Tocantins’ (episode 9)
Entertainment Weekly – USA
I’d argue that after tonight’s episode, seen in over a hundred countries, that Coach’s story of being beaten by indigenous people in the Amazon will soon
Survivor 18: Torturescenes – Week 9
Uncommon Sportsman – USA
Coach tells one of his stories where he supposedly was dropped in the Amazon by military helicopter and a native tribe kidnapped him, tied him to a stake,
UN News Centre

Secretary-General heading to Trinidad and Tobago for Americas summit
UN News Centre
In his address, he is also expected to emphasize the need to protect populations, including indigenous peoples, and to create financial incentives to

Can “Survivor” survive Coach?
Chicago Sun-Times – United States
He told stories around the fire of pulling strings to get a military helicopter drop in the Amazon, and then being pulled out of his kaya tribe…
Nicaragua tribal struggles echo Hawai‘ a tribe-
Lihue Garden Island – Lihue,HI,USA
Greer, an environmental anthropologist and instructor at KCC who also translated for Coleman, began working with indigenous land titling in Nicaragua 15

Amazon Native nations once again show their discontent to Peru
Indian Country Today – Canastota,NY,USA
“If we did not have territory, then we would be an indigenous population without life, and because of this we would be sentenced to be exterminated,”

More work needed to address threats to indigenous peoples – conference
Stabroek News – Georgetown,Guyana
(FOAG) of French Guiana, in coordination with the Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin (COICA) and the Amazon Alliance.

Indigenous Demonstrations Shut Down Roads and River Traffic in
PR Newswire (press release) – New York,NY,USA
Thousands of indigenous people are blockading roads and river traffic throughout the Amazon in peaceful protests demanding the repeal of new laws rolling
Aboriginal outrage over Cape York’s ‘wild rivers’
Independent – London,England,UK
considered as significant as the Serengeti or Amazon by some environmentalists. Wilderness Society activists supported the indigenous battle for land
The state of soy: The fraught ethics of a troublesome bean
Berkeley Beacon (subscription) – Boston,MA,USA
the savanna next to the Amazon, which is home to almost as much biodiversity as the rain forest itself-as well as 9600 of the indigenous Xavante people.
The Japan Times

Explorer sails Black Current to trace ancestors
The Japan Times – Japan
During his Amazon travels, he became acutely aware of the shortage of medical services for indigenous people. So, after graduating, he entered Yokohama City

Faith-based symposium begins with rain forest
Sequim Gazette – Sequim,WA,USA
The one-day event on April 25 is based on the efforts of the Pachamama Alliance, formed after the Achuar, a tribe indigenous to the Amazon region of Ecuador

Global Engagement
SUNY Oswego – Oswego,NY,USA
The way of life for the indigenous Shipibo-Conibo people of eastern Peru has been changing as the Hispanic presence grows, and a witness to the changes in

Amazon lifts most delivery restrictions
Irish Times – Dublin,Ireland
Amazon’s new stance is likely to prove a major boost for online commerce here – and a blow for indigenous electrical retailers – even if its dominance of

Out and About: April 15 – 26
East Bridgewater Star – Raynham,MA,USA
Lansburgh’s presentation, using sequences from his documentary film “Dream People of the Amazon,” will focus on the Achuar, indigenous people who live in a

Interview with Troy Casey: The Certified Health Nut
Natural – Phoenix,AZ,USA
I began to attract many conscious people and learned about indigenous healers and shamanic medicine. I worked with traditional Maori Healers for 7 years who

Brazilian Stakeholders Urge Feds to go REDD
Ecosystem Marketplace – Washington,DC,USA
by Steve Zwick Farmers, indigenous tribes, and environmental NGOs across Brazil say they need direct payments for reducing emissions from deforestation…

Reserves Found To Be ‘Effective Tool’ For Reducing Fires In
Science Daily (press release) – USA
in recent years in many parts of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, including in many reserves. Especially important are the region’s indigenous reserves,

Time to Strengthen Ties with Peru
Foreign Policy In Focus – USA
The indigenous peoples of Peru’s Northern Amazon have endured over 30 years of oil production and pollution. Instead of prosperity, it has resulted in

Indians Block River Traffic in Peruvian Amazon
Latin American Herald Tribune – Caracas,Venezuela
The pressure tactic is being pursued by indigenous peoples in the regions of Amazonas, Loreto, Ucayali, Madre de Dios, Cuzco and Junin, said CNR.

Government urged to respect international law on tribal peoples
Survival International (press release) – London,UK

The complaints were made by Peru’s national Amazon indigenous peoples’ organisation, AIDESEP, and a number of other organisations to the International

Lingo: And Then Some

The Nation. – New York,NY,USA
which seems to be a direct result of having no words for numbers; however, Piraha encodes perceptions that are indigenous to life in the Amazon.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Amazon dam draws fire
St. Louis Post-Dispatch – St. Louis,MO,USA
May 22, 2008 – Indigenous men attend a protest against the construction of a dam in Altamira, Brazil. A proposed hydroelectric Belo Monte dam,

cyrilmckeeod – Hydroelectricity in the Bosom of Brasil
By cyrilmckeeod
Belo Monte, the up-to-the-minute strategy for the Xingu being advanced by the Brazilian government-owned electricity company Eletrobrs, assures to take all of these jobs to the Xingu, with really small benefit.

Steve and Elba Dolan in the Amazon: Happy Easter!
By Steve and Elba Dolan
Check out our new redesigned website at: Here is a picture of a little monkey at a house in the Assurini. Notice how I am keeping my distance. That little sucker has some sharp teeth. I did not want anything to do with

B19W: Xingu River Region
By Rehulina
Dams on Amazon tributary could wreak global havoc, FL BY TYLER BRIDGES VOLTA GRANDE, Brazil — The Xingu River, the largest tributary of the Amazon, runs wide and swift this time of year. Its turquoise waters are home to

Waves of Xingu: “I like them; I really like them”: 10 Favorite
By Jeremiah
ir a principal | Ir a lateral. Waves of Xingu. musings of a seventh-circle nothing. Home · Profile · “I like them; I really like them”: 10 Favorite Movie Characters. Posted by Jeremiah at 1:13 PM Labels: film, lists

//–> parque de xingu
BRAZIL Parque Nacional do Xingu Estado de Mato Grosso.

Latin American Herald Tribune

Dozen Illegal Logging Operations Shut Down in Brazilian Amazon
Latin American Herald Tribune – Caracas,Venezuela
The indigenous area is very degraded,” Environment Minister Carlos Minc said in a statement in which he noted that deforestation of the Amazon constituted

Brazilian authorities seize illegal Amazon lumber
eTaiwan News – Taiwan
environment ministry says police and environmental workers seized 400 truckloads of lumber illegally logged from indigenous properties in the Amazon.

Reserves with roads still vital for reducing fires in Brazilian Amazon – USA
One of the most important aspects of the study published in PLoS ONE was to look at indigenous reserves, which are more likely to have roads and settlements

CORRECTING and REPLACING Amazon Defense Coalition: SEC Rejects
Earthtimes (press release) – London,UK
At the meeting, several shareholders and Amazon indigenous leaders are expected to ask pointed questions of CEO David O’Reilly.

The Gube – 3D Rubik’s Cube
Pocket Gamer – London,UK
Ignoring the fact that there are indigenous tribes deep in the heart of the Amazon that know what the ultimate objective of a Rubik’s Cube is, here follows

In the Jungle with Peter Gabriel
Living in Peru – Lima,Peru
By Aaron Smith Who would of thought, while being in the middle of the Amazon Jungle, of bumping into Peter Gabriel and Tony Leven (bass player of King

CU students give Amazon showcase
Colorado Daily – Boulder,CO,USA
into the indigenous lands and villages of the south Colombian Amazon to record the natural audio of the cultural landscapes for “sound art” projects.

New Bolivian trekking itinerary launched – London,UK
to Amazon. Starting on the shores of Lake Titicaca, a seven-day trek crosses the Andes’ spine where the only other people to meet are of the indigenous

Where am I? > Home > Wildlife > Commentary > un’s State Of The
Environmental News Network (press release) – San Rafael,CA,USA
The amount of palm oil that actually ends up in biodiesel production is still small but as profitability is so attractive, farmers in Amazon and Congo

Hege Gallery Presents Interdisciplinary Exhibit
Guilfordian – Greensboro,NC,USA
Hewson’s vision inspired him to create the exhibit, “The Road & Wilderness: Beauty and Destruction in the Peruvian Amazon,” which opened in the Hege gallery

Seeing Broadwater from a spiritual perspective
Newsday – Long Island,NY,USA
This intimate relationship between humans and Earth is still alive today in many indigenous communities. For the past 25 years, I’ve participated in

Will indigenous agriculture save our climate?
Radio Netherlands – Netherlands
By Thijs Westerbeek van Eerten An ancient Amazon Indian way of fertilising the soil appears to be the ideal remedy for saving the climate,

CDInsight – New York,NY,USA
The title composition relates the feeling of an indigenous person leaving a place of classic perfection to make his way in the earthly world.

Author Still Senses Ghost Of Amazon Massacres

Black Star News – New York,NY,USA
American corporations and the Central Intelligence Agency participated in the destruction of life and culture of indigenous people in the Amazon.

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