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By Keith
Card 1 The Yanomami are an indigenous tribe (also called Yanamamo, Yanomam, and Sanuma) made up of four subdivisions of Indians which live in the tropical.
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NTM Mission News: Strong man now a strong believer
On a recent night fishing trip, Agosto told two Yanomami pastors about his former fear of the spirits and of witchdoctors. He told them that the witchdoctors always told him that they could go into the woods and kill people.
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Vengeance is Hers: Rhonda Shearer on Jared Diamond’s ‘Factual
By Rex
If the Yanomami controversy was about anthropologists suddenly being held responsible in the metropole for what they did in the field, the Jared Diamond case is about an author suddenly being held responsible in the field for what they