Recordando o último Encontro do Xingu, que decorria uma semana após a ministra Marina da Silva ter apresentado a sua demissão da pasta do ambiente, no Governo Lula da Silva:

The Real News interviews Glenn Switkes and Amazon Indigenous Indian protesters who say the social and environmental costs of the Belo Monte dam, the world’s third largest proposed dam, will destroy their way of life and wreck the Xingu river’s ecosystem.

Sonia Legg of Reuters reports on the angry reaction from environmentalists and tribal Indians to Brazilian plans to build a hydroelectric complex on the Xingu River.

Plans to build a hydro-electric plant on one of Brazil’s Amazonian rivers has sparked an angry reaction from environmentalists and tribal Indians.

After a week of debates over the proposed project on the Xingu river opponents say the dam will flood the homes of 16,000 people, dry up rivers, and fuel logging. The Belo Monte dam, is being planned by the state power company Eletrobras. It would be the third largest hydroelectric power plant in the world.


  • Unidentified Indian representative.
  • Felicio Pontes, Public Prosecutor.
  • Dom Erwin Krautler, Xingu Priest.
  • Felix de Souza, Xingu resident.
  • Xingu Encounter participants joined together to create three powerful documents voicing their concerns and demands in regards to the proposed dam projects.

    Patrick Cunningham blogs daily from Altamira, Brazil. His words and photographs capture the participants’ enthusiasm as well as the tension felt during the first couple of days at the Encounter.

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