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Amazon dam draws fire
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May 22, 2008 – Indigenous men attend a protest against the construction of a dam in Altamira, Brazil. A proposed hydroelectric Belo Monte dam,

cyrilmckeeod – Hydroelectricity in the Bosom of Brasil
By cyrilmckeeod
Belo Monte, the up-to-the-minute strategy for the Xingu being advanced by the Brazilian government-owned electricity company Eletrobrs, assures to take all of these jobs to the Xingu, with really small benefit.

Steve and Elba Dolan in the Amazon: Happy Easter!
By Steve and Elba Dolan
Check out our new redesigned website at: Here is a picture of a little monkey at a house in the Assurini. Notice how I am keeping my distance. That little sucker has some sharp teeth. I did not want anything to do with

B19W: Xingu River Region
By Rehulina
Dams on Amazon tributary could wreak global havoc, FL BY TYLER BRIDGES VOLTA GRANDE, Brazil — The Xingu River, the largest tributary of the Amazon, runs wide and swift this time of year. Its turquoise waters are home to

Waves of Xingu: “I like them; I really like them”: 10 Favorite
By Jeremiah
ir a principal | Ir a lateral. Waves of Xingu. musings of a seventh-circle nothing. Home · Profile · “I like them; I really like them”: 10 Favorite Movie Characters. Posted by Jeremiah at 1:13 PM Labels: film, lists

//–> parque de xingu
BRAZIL Parque Nacional do Xingu Estado de Mato Grosso.