Opera star Florez cooks “Shrimp a la Pavarotti”
Reuters India – Mumbai,India
ingredients from the desert coast, the Andes mountains and the Amazon basin, along with influences of indigenous, European, Asian and African groups.

Ecuador’s northern border: the FARC
Latin America Press – Lima,Peru
“The planes crossed the border and fumigated in our territory,” Froilán Canticuz, director of the Awa indigenous community in Mataje, denounced before the

Terrorist-Supporting Venezuelan Strongman Has Famous Allies
Human Events – Washington,DC,USA
Within days the book had jumped to the top 10 in sales at the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites, and its publisher, Henry Holt, ordered a reprinting.

First coca crop found in Brazilian rainforest
Guardian – UK
Some 230 indigenous communities, home to 54000 Indians of different ethnicities, have been touched by cocaine, Davi Felix Cecilio, the region’s indigenous

Celebrity Green Teens Inspire Action
Daily Green – USA
for Amnesty International on the subjects of the rights of women and indigenous people and petroleum-industry contamination of the Amazon River Basin.

A Swirl of Foreboding In Mahogany’s Grain
New York Times Blogs – New York,NY,USA
groups say is whittling away the Amazon, endangering isolated indigenous groups and threatening the commercial future of an ever-scarce tree.

Chicago Tribune – United States
Brazil is one of the most ethnically diverse countries on the planet, a country of mestizos (white and indigenous Brazilian), cafuzos (an Afro-Brazilian