Verena’s Volta Grande gold property in Brazil grows 66.7%
The Northern Miner (subscription) – Sudbury,Ontario,Canada
The Volta Grande property is about 60 km southeast of the city of Altamira in northern Brazil, along the southern bank of the Xingú River, a major tributary

The bones of Colonel Fawcett
By Ciarán
Benedict Allen went to Brazil’s Xingu National Park. North of the country – last bit of rainforest. He was searching for the truth about Colonel Fawcett, his son Jack and and Jack’s friend. They disappeared in 1925 – they were searching
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Two weeks
By boytiger
With a lot of help from yuriy, who sold me some beautiful plants, the tank is looking so beautiful! I’m really happy with it. It’s healthy and clean and thriving. New Additions: Rotala, Pennywort and Xingu Sword. Rawk. Fish to come!! 🙂
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Brazil 2009, Xingu Mission, and Thirst Relief
By Preston
We’re so excited that plans continue to move forward for our trip to the Xingu River. Everything is still in the works, but feel free to check out some photos I posted in on the Brazil 2009 Portal page. Also, take a moment to learn a
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