Indigenous Movements in the Americas: From Demand for Recognition
IRC’s Americas Program – Albuquerque,NM,USA
Tensions will intensify in the area from Mexico through the Amazon region … .”1 More recently, United States Deputy Secretary of State, John Dimitri

River Rides Fade Into Caipirinhas
Concierge – New York,NY,USA
Then we stop and visit the family of Selena and Xel, who are caboclos, people of mixed indigenous and European descent who live in the Brazilian Amazon.

Alcoa and Alcoa Foundation Report 2007 Philanthropic Giving of $49
FOXBusiness – USA
The Amazonia Brasil multicultural exhibition that brings the inherent diversity, beauty, wealth and knowledge of the Amazon Forest to the world,

Peru: Four Dead After Government Crackdown on Protests Against US
Upside Down World – Hartwick,NY,USA
The CCP also demanded an end to plans to privatize and exploit public lands in the Amazon, attacks on teachers´ job security, attempts to privatize water