AUSTRALIA: Government apologises to Aborigines
The newly-elected Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has issued a
formal apology to the country’s indigenous people for the historic
injustices they have suffered.

PERU: Reports of ‘encounter’ between oil workers and isolated Indians
Unconfirmed reports indicate that a team prospecting for oil deep in
the Peruvian Amazon has encountered a village belonging to
previously-uncontacted Indians.
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BANGLADESH: Independent team denounces repression of Jumma tribes
A group of prominent Bangladeshis have spoken of their ‘grave
concern’ for the Jumma tribal peoples of the Chittagong Hill Tracts
after a fact finding trip to the region.
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UK: The 2008 Mazda London Triathlon: join Survival’s team
We are now putting together our Saa! Saa! Saa! team for the 2008
Mazda London Triathlon, and would love you to be part of it. The
money you raise will help secure tribal peoples’ future for
generations to come.