MALAYSIA: Penan receive death threats
A small community of Penan tribal people in Malaysia report that an
official from the company logging their forests has threatened them
with death. The threats come just days after the body of a Penan
headman who had gone missing was discovered by his family, who
believe he was murdered.
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INDIA: Traffic triples on highway that threatens Jarawa tribe
The Andaman Trunk Road, which the Indian Supreme Court ruled must be
closed six years ago because it threatens the Jarawa tribe, has seen
a threefold increase in traffic since 2001.
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ETHIOPIA: Mursi celebrate withdrawal of conservation organisation
from their land
Mursi tribal people living in and around the Omo National Park in
Ethiopia are celebrating the withdrawal of conservation organisation
African Parks from their land.

UK: Ask the UK to sign up to the international law on tribal peoples
ILO Convention 169 is the only international law for tribal peoples,
but the UK government refuses to ratify it. Join our work to change
its mind here: