Leone Lawrence’s New Memoir follows “Uncommon” Path to Native
Emediawire (press release) – Ferndale,WA,USA
Halfway between Heaven and Earth offers Leone Lawrence’s perspective on indigenous spiritual practices and their application to today.

Ecuador: Pay us not to drill for oil
Foreign Policy Passport – USA
Meanwhile, US oil firm Chevron remains embroiled in a 14-year-old lawsuit from 30000 indigenous Ecuadorians who claim the company poisoned their region by

Signs of uncontacted Indians seen as forest is cleared around them
Survival International (press release) – London,UK
Signs of the last uncontacted Indians south of the Amazon basin have been spotted by other members of their tribe in Paraguay.

God Grant Us the Wisdom to Act in Time
Huffington Post – New York,NY,USA
Jens Hansen, from the University of Aarhus, was here to report on his new findings that, across the Arctic, Inuit and other indigenous women are having