True friendship is stronger than language barrier
Orlando Sentinel – Orlando,FL,USA
For the rest of the time we were there, I would talk to them in Spanish and English, and they would talk to me in Yanomami. We didn’t understand each

Indians speak out against mining on their land
Survival International (press release) – London,UK
Davi Yanomami spoke recently to a Survival researcher by telephone from the Yanomami organisation, Hutukara. ‘I am very worried about the mining law.

Native communities start debates about Constitutional Reform
Mathaba.Net – London,UK
The native peoples that will attend the debates are baniva, bare, cubeo, jivi, hoti, kurripaco, piapoco, puinave, saliva, sanemá, wotijuja, yanomami,

Yanomami Illustrations/Drawings
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YANOMAMI :: Enciclopédia :: Povos Indígenas no Brasil :: ISA
Para os Yanomami, urihi, a terra-floresta, não é um mero espaço inerte de exploração econômica (o que chamamos de “natureza”) Trata-se de uma entidade viva,

New national park created in Colombia’s Amazon
WebWire (press release) – Atlanta,GA,USA
Territories and sacred areas of several indigenous communities living in the new protected area, such as the Inga and Yanaconas, will also be protected.

Columbus Vineyard
At the end of each day, we drove down to a pier overlooking the Xingu River and jumped 30+ ft. into the refreshing warm, tropical river. Of course, our kids joined us each day for this excursion and they (along with the rest of us) had
Kubacki’s in Brasil –