Peru’s deforestation rate surged in 2005 – USA
Using high resolution satellite data from the Peruvian Amazon, a team led by Stanford University scientists found a marked increase in forest disturbance

Threats and intimidation down Amazon way
Greenpeace UK – London,UK
Operation Native Amazon (an organisation working with forest communities), along with two French journalists, went to visit the indigenous Enawene-Nawe

$350m to leave oil in the ground
Guardian Unlimited – UK
The flames seem to lick the canopy in great billowing tongues, as if the Amazon were burning. It is a trick of perspective. As you get closer you see that

Highway condemned because of uncontacted tribes
Survival International (press release) – London,UK
Plans for the construction of a highway in one of the most remote parts of the Peruvian Amazon have been rejected by a local indigenous organization because

Seven Reasons to Travel to Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands
PRLog.Org (press release) – Bucuresti,Romania
Ecuador shares the same Amazon Rainforest with Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, Venezuela and Brazil. Staying in one of many indigenous lodges is a great way to

Demonstration Against NZ, Australia & Canada – New Zealand
Rainforest Action Network, International Rivers Network, Amazon Watch and the International Funders of Indigenous Peoples (complete list attached).

The biopiracy threat
Latin America Press – Lima,Peru
“Foreign scientists visit our indigenous communities in an effort to gain their ancestral learnings on plants and herbs. They take seeds and samples with