Recebi, igualmente, a indicação por parte o David Bartecchi, da Village Earth, de uma palestra no âmbito do treino para educação nas práticas de um desenvolvimento sustentável. Repasso a notícia:

Community-Based Development In Guatemala

Come Hear Adriana Lazaro from Coban Guatemala at Mugs this Friday

For 5 years she has been the Guatemalan coordinator of a small sustainable development project in Coban. She works as a community organizer with a women’s association in the Maya Q’eqchi’ village of San Pablo Xucaneb’ outside of Coban. At the August 24th Salon, Adriana will talk about and show photos of the daily life of some of the Q’eqchi’ people. She will also show a short video made by Rights Action, a group that works on development and human rights issues in Guatemala, that captures the intrusion of the forces of corporate globalization into communities of the global South. In this case the culprits are a Canadian transnational mining company.

Adriana will have crafts available to sell after the presentation. Salon duc Tape, a public forum sponsored by Strength Through Peace, meets on 2nd through 5th Fridays from 7:00 — 9:00 p.m. in the basement of Mugs Coffee Lounge on 251 South College, the NW corner of College and Olive .  For more information, contact Strength Through Peace 419-8944 or


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