What are rainforests and why are they important: Raintree’s Rainforest Facts

Plant Based Drugs and Medicines

A Place Out of Time – Tropical Rainforests: Their Wonders and the Perils They Face

Rainforest Fact sheets for kids

Rainforests of the World

Live from the Rainforest

Rainforest Education

Rainforest Information

A Student Guide To Tropical Forest Conservation

How Rainforests Work

More Rainforest Facts

History and description of the Amazon Rainforest

Tons of information and links from rainforestweb.org

Last frontier forests: Ecosystems and economies on the edge (high school to college level)

Tropical Forests in Decline (high school/college level)

Current Events – what’s happening now

World Rainforest News

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Maps of the Rainforest

Rainforests in the World 1 Rainforests in the World 2

Amazon Map

Animated map showing global forest loss (click on area for more detailed country map)

Detailed Amazon rainforest destruction maps and information

South American Rainforest Map

Global forest distribution maps

Brazilian Amazon Map

Interactive map of South America

Amazon rainforest map

Rainforests in Brazil Central America Africa Australia SE Asia

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Images and Pictures of the Rainforest:

Raintree’s Photo Gallery

Pictures of trees, flowers and plants found in the rainforest

Animal Posters to print out

Raintree director, Leslie Taylor’s Homepage

JunglePhotos.com Has hundreds of hi-resolution images of animals, plants, scenery and people from natural areas in the tropics in South America you can use for school reports and websites.

Deep Green Photography Website from photographer Greg Basco

Statistics and facts on destruction rates:

Great synopsis – High School Level

From Rainforest Action Network

Statistics in the Brazilian amazon

Destruction of the Amazon with updated statistics and causes

History of Forest Destruction, past and present

Rainforest destruction charts and graphs

Causes of rainforest destruction:

Deforestation in the Amazon 2004

Money in the Rainforest

Overall Causes of deforestation

Causes of deforestation (high school and college level)



Dams and Super Projects



Squatters and Settlers

Oil and Gas Exploration

The Hamburger Connection – Cheap beef


Agricultural plantations

Mangroves and shrimp farming

Underlying and Indirect causes

Summary of causes by Raintree

Summary of causes

Results of Rainforest destruction – Why it’s bad:

Species Extinction:
General Data
Species Extinction Database
All about endangered species
Detailed info by animal species
Endangered Animal Species (Look up by country)
Consequences of deforestation
State of the Planet (facts and figures from 2000)
World Conservation Monitoring Center
Loss of future medicines
Worldwide Threatened Plants Database

Climate changes:
Rainforests and global warming

Solutions to rainforest destruction:

The 500 year plan

Sustainable Agriculture


Sustainable Forestry

Alternatives: Sustainable Development



Profits without Plunder

Legal reform and law enforcement

Sustainable Rainforest Products

Addressing the issues of destruction


Develop sustainable alternatives

Animals in the rainforest:

The facts about rainforest animals

Animal Posters to print out and use

Questions & Answers about Rainforest Animals

Rainforest Animals

Rainforest Animals from Zoom

Links to more rainforest animals

Rainforest animal pictures

Plants of the rainforest:

Raintree’s Rainforest Plant Database

Pictures of trees, flowers and plants found in the rainforest

Indigenous People and Indian Tribes of the Rainforest:

Best Site with detailed information on Indian Tribes in the Brazilian Amazon

Amazon-Indians.org has photos and videos of indigenous tribes of the Amazon.

Directory of Brazilian Indian Tribes

All About the Matese Tribe and how they live

All About the Bororo Indian Tribe and how they live

All about the Arara Indian Tribe and how they live

All about the Ava Canoeiro Indian Tribe and how they live

All about the Kanoe Indian Tribe

All about the Tembé Indian Tribe

All about the Kayapo Indian Tribe

All about the Arawete Indian Tribe

All about the Aparai Indian Tribe

All about the Suya Indian Tribe

All about the Xambioá Indian Tribe

Learn about the Wari Indians in Brazil and how they live.

Learn about the Korubo Indians in Brazil – a tribe only recently contacted

Indigenous People of the Rainforest Worldwide

What you can do to help

Link page for what you can do to help from rainforestweb.org

Action Alerts on how to help

Letter writing campaigns

Environmental Volunteer and Research Opportunities

Solutions from Greenpeace

Seven things you can do today

10 things kids can do

Stuff you can do today

Adopt a Rainforest

Become a Volunteer

What you can do links

Make your voice heard.

Things to do to protect the forests in your own backyard.